About Us

TECHFARM Hub is a Pan-African Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Development hub driven by Change Makers who are passionate about promoting disruptive knowledge, skills, technologies and resources to support next generation Entrepreneurs, Agripreneurs, Innovators and Startups to upscale life changing innovative solutions for productivity and profitability.

We also promote decent work and economic development to end poverty, accelerate technological tools and innovation for productivity in Future of Work specializing in : Agri-Tech, Agribusiness and Agriculture Value Chain Development across Ghana and Africa.

We provide our Youth-oriented Member-Based Change-Makers and Project Participants and Beneficiaries to learn and apply essential Business Leadership and Development, Start-ups Incubation, Acceleration, Investment/ Financial Match-Making, Mentor-ship and Networking to upscale for opportunity, productivity and profitability. 

Our Brief History 

TECHFARM Hub is a subsidiary of FAPIMPA Foundation – a Civil Society Organisation passionate about leadership empowerment, charity works and skills training to improve lives, livelihoods and communities in Ghana, Africa and beyond. TECHFARM Hub was established under the wings of FAPIMPA Foundation’s vision which is to; “Build Sustainable HOPE for Humanity’s Development”.

WH. Kobina Adomadzi Longdon is the Developer and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) together with the apt support of Sylvia Sefakor Adomadzi Longdon an Economic Analyst and passionate youth advocate as the Co-Developer. The two together with inputs from other team members established TECHFARM Hub as the first Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Business Development Hub in the Eastern Region of Ghana geared towards providing an ideal, interconnected, transformational and empowering platform to upscale young Entrepreneurs, Agripreneurs, Innovators and Startups to accelerate the application of disruptive knowledge, skills, technologies and resources for generate opportunity, productivity and profitability. 

Our Team

TECHFARM Hub has a growing dynamic and dedicated team of young enthusiasts, advisors, partners, affiliates and service providers, who are result oriented and equipped with appropriate and essential skills-sets and know-hows to meet the ever-changing needs of young innovators, entrepreneurs, techies, and start-ups in Ghana and Africa.

Our Departments

Eureka Maker Space

Uses our TECH Hive training Courses and Resources to spur-on young people especially girls to actively participate in our 4th Industrial Revolution and Disruptive trainings in; Robotics, Coding and Programming, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Critical Thinking, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and Digital Literacy.
It is also a Lab where Prototypes are developed and tested for marketablity locally and globally. 

Mushroom & GreenHouse

The two Centres produces, processes, packages, and sells Organically produced vegetables and Mushrooms. The Centres uses our FARM Hive tailored Courses to engage groups and individuals who seek to venture into Agri-Tech and AgriBusiness opportunities across Ghana and Africa.

SINI Creative Space

Uses our Multimedia Hive tailored Courses and Resources to energize young people to activate their creativity and innovation for productivity Futuire of Work career paths in Animations, Videography and Photography, Doodly, 3D Printing.
It is a studio where Protypes are developed and tested for marketability both globally and locally.   

P.O. Box KF 358,  
Koforidua, Eastern Region

Phone: +233 (0) 249478734

4 Grape Link, Galloway
Koforidua, Eastern Region

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